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Thread: Game Manuals

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeftyGuitar View Post
    One nice thing about manuals is that they can help protect the disc. I've noticed during S&H that sometimes disc will pop out of their holder, which could cause damage. If there was a manual, it would help provide extra cushioning. Also, the Switch does not appear to have physical or digital manuals. Although certain games do come with a physical manual.
    If you get something shipped to you, at least insist the seller include a sheet of bubble wrap inside the game case. Some experienced sellers will go further than that anyway though protection wise.
    The bubble wrap sheet trick works pretty well even if the seller ships via letter post and you're both in the same state (I mean over here)

    Spoiler warning:

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    whats your favourite game guys? do I like to play sims?

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    Honestly, I rarely read the terms of the game. It’s easier for me to watch a review on YouTube and a few more videos with explanations from experienced players. I think this is a more efficient way to understand the mechanics of the game.

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