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Thread: Sega master system 256kb game/on 27c800 (1MB eprom)

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    Default Sega master system 256kb game/on 27c800 (1MB eprom)

    Sega master system 256kb game/on 27c800 (1MB eprom) or 27c400 eprom (512kb) My game is 256kb i want use 27c800 or 27c400 how do i prep the ROM image to fill chip? To double in CMD would be:

    Copy /b filename.sms + filename.sms newfilename.sms ?

    I got it i created BAT file ... [Copy /b silvervalley-final.sms + silvervalley-final.sms silvervalley-final1.sms] it doubled ROM image to 512kb an spit out 512kb silvervalley-final1.sms file Heres game/cover if want make you own SilverValley-SMS

    Im looking now that board is DIP42 .. 27C400 is DIP40 ?...Should i just double it up to 27c800? Thanks for looking!

    I double ROM to 1MB (27c800)will try that will let know when i get boards.. heres what i used Copy /b silvervalley-final.sms + silvervalley-final.sms + silvervalley-final.sms + silvervalley-final.sms silvervalley-final1.sms
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