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Thread: Commodore VIC20 Emulator for RetroPie

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    Question Commodore VIC20 Emulator for RetroPie

    A few days ago I was downloading some legal ROMS for the VIC20 when I remembered that the only Commodore emulator that I had installed was VICE, which can only emulate Commodore 64 (to the extent of my knowledge).

    I've searched the deep depths of the internet for an answer, but to no avail.
    I've even read the not-so-perfect official documentation on optional RetroPie emulators. I am aware of the fact that there is a Wiki page that mentions the VIC20 in its title but unfortunately it doesn't actually reference the VIC20 once in its body.

    Do you guys know of or own any emulators that are fully compatible with RetroPie and are easy-to-install (that means able to be installed via the built-in "Manage Packages" interface or via SSH.)?

    I am currently emulating games on a Raspberry Pi Zero W (I am aware that this is literally the worst Raspberry Pi model for emulation, but whatever!).

    This has been making me feel quite like .

    Thank you for your help.

    Kind regards,

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    I use WinVICE for the PC and that emulates the VIC20. So I had a quick search and it appears that you can emulate the VIC20 on the PI.

    The picture at the bottom shows you having to select the emulator, VIC20 is number 6.

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