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Thread: looking for info on a rom i found

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    Default looking for info on a rom i found

    Its listed as zelda 1986 but its got the graphics of minish cap. It starts you in a forest and tells you to go find the bomb bag then arrows. I found it on the site free80sarcade. They have 2 zeldas listed, one is the correct 1986 version the last one on the page is a wierd mashup of minish cap and link to the past graphics.In the rom they have the stumps from minish cap and also items found only in link to the past, one i found was the book of mudora. Has anyone ever seen this before? If so whats the real tittle for it?

    Edit: Some npcs also mention the temple of time, and the king even rewards you for your efforts in ocarina of time. I've been able to make it through the graveyard before getting stuck on an ivincible enemy in a cave.
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    Prolly hack or flash send me link or run threw famiROM
    Spoiler warning:

    SWF File (Shockwave Flash)
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