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Thread: Complete list of games and HDD space capacity.

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    Default Complete list of games and HDD space capacity.


    I have no clue where to post this thread so if it's in the wrong place, my apologies.

    I'm wondering how many gigabytes I would need for each type of consoles and how many official games there are for each like for N64 I have 880 games (hopefully it's all of them) totaling 14 gigabytes. I would have checked EP but N64 got reduced to 767 games so that's not gonna be much help.

    I don't mind getting different region games like GoldenEye for USA, Japan, and Europe. So please include those in the game numbers.

    I intend to get the physical games and consoles someday. I don't have room or money for them right now.

    N64 : 880 games at 14gb.
    SNES :
    Famicom Disc :
    NES :
    Gameboy :
    GB Color :
    GB Advance :
    GameCube :
    Wii :
    Wii U :
    Virtual Boy :

    Playstation 1 :
    PS1 Demo :
    Playstation 2 :
    Playstation 3 : (Just for fun of it. I know it'll be in double digits terabytes capacity.)
    PSP :

    Original Xbox :
    Xbox 360 : (Just for fun of it. I know it'll be in double digits terabytes capacity.)

    Sega Genesis :
    Sega Master System :
    Sega Dreamcast :
    Sega 32X :
    Sega CD :
    Sega Saturn :
    Sega GameGear :

    Atari 2600 :
    Atari 5200 :
    Atari 7800 :
    Atari Jaguar :
    Atari Lynch :

    Neo Geo CD :
    Neo Geo Pocket :
    NG Pocket Color :

    Whew. Hope I'm not asking for too much for my first posting. If not the sizes, a complete list of games released officially all over the world would suffice.


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    For many older systems the relevant no-intro rom set will indicate the total size and how many titles.

    Spoiler warning:

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