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Thread: A question to the admins about the removal of the roms?

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    Yup, that's the same problem torrent sites face. The whole "I'm only linking to things" argument doesn't hold up when tested. But it's still less severe, and should only result in cease and desist orders if it comes to it... So the download forums are still up, for now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
    Emuparadise was always something more than just a site to download some files
    Yes. Nothing can ever change that.

    Quote Originally Posted by deadlegion View Post
    There weren't a series of official complaints about some content on offer, they were hit with legal proceedings out of the blue. No warning.
    Which was kind of a d**k move. Should've warned them first.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnar View Post
    The whole "I'm only linking to things" argument doesn't hold up when tested.
    It should, though.

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    Don't want to keep beating a dead horse any longer, but. I should also mention that the copyright is still active on many of these abandonware games. Just because a developer goes out of buisness doesen't mean the copyright for that game expires. Copyright also lasts a long time for the most part. Even NES games are still techinally under copyright. Just thought I'd throw my two cents on the issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daky View Post
    It should, though.
    No, it shouldn't, because it is both a weak and extremely idiotic defense, with regards to the matter at hand. They (users) technically gain unauthorized access to illegally hosted material through you->your links->the board/topic where you publish those links. While stuff may no longer be directly hosted on (and downloadable from) the servers, EP is still guilty of providing visitors/users with unauthorized downloads.

    Seriously, copyright holders and those acting on their behalf are not some stupid machines/computers, with directives to only have "their way" with the single, offending user… They'd look at the bigger picture and see that this place is still providing access to pirated content, they're well within their right to fuck this place up, shall they choose to do so. It's logical and simple.

    This reminds me of the weakass defense "piracy is ok, because there's no actual theft involved, folks are merely downloading copies; nobody is losing access to anything" yeah, fuck that dumb shit: stuff is getting illegally spread around and someone is getting screwed out of his/her sales (even though I realize I'm sounding like one of those companies' ass-lickers, I'm just using my brain and choosing to look at things also from their perspective).
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