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Thread: No ISO? How to run the game?

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    Unhappy No ISO? How to run the game?

    Hey guys,
    I'm pretty new to emulating and haven't found an answer in existing threads...
    I'm using Dolphin for emulating Wii games. I downloaded Mario Party 9 Scrubbed (what does scrubbed mean?) but it's not an ISO... I've got files named "Mario Party 9 USA Wii-Scrubbed WiiST.part001.rar" and the .part001.rar goes up to .part024.rar there is a .NFO file... How do I run this game with dolphin? Do I have to pack it to an ISO or what?

    Would be nice if you could help me...

    Okay... Found out by myself now haha...

    But for everybody else wondering how to do it, you just need to unpack the first part...
    If you have "Mario Party 9 USA Wii-Scrubbed WiiST.part001.rar" to "Mario Party 9 USA Wii-Scrubbed WiiST.partXXX.rar" like me, than you just need to rightclick on the first part and click on extract to [folder].
    I used WinRAR and it worked fine...
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