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Thread: How do people get good at games so fast ?

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    Default How do people get good at games so fast ?

    I've heard that there's a guy on PUBGM who got from Diamond to Conqueror in just 3 days ? How is that possible if he's not hacking or playing 24/7 ? Also everyone says that PUBG Mobile is too easy but not for me, i just keep dying again and again (I'm Gold IV). Everytime i see a Vietnamese guy on PUBG it means that i'm dead because they're just too good.

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    If they're not hacking the game, then they get good by simply playing the game all the time and practicing. If you play the same type of game all the time, then you can get pretty good at them. Like my friend for example, plays games like Dark Souls and such and he's really good at those types of games. I play platform and action games a lot and I'm pretty good at those. When you play the same game all day, every day, you're gonna get good at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bauuubass View Post
    Well, maybe they are playing 24/7. Some people really do have the time. Maybe they are students and decide to skip lectures, I've heard of people taking days off from work, just to sit and play the game that just came out. Of course, some of them may just be more max force racing this type of stuff and get good easier that average.
    Agree. It's all about practice.
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    I played more than 10 years of Mario Kart DS and i'm bored of winning in 1st.
    I played more than 2000 hours of Super Street Fighter 4 and i'm bored of beating M. Bison and Seth.
    I played more than 1000 hours of Pokemon Heartgold and i'm bored of Battle Frontier and training level 100 mons.

    Even if it's not so fun as before, i'm still having fun, as it's worse by just sitting in my bedroom doing nothing.

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