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Thread: Emulators built for ARM systems?

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    Question Emulators built for ARM systems?

    I'm planning on getting my first raspberry pi, gonna prepare my own retroconsole/ funbox thingy with it. That said, while most emulators will run fine, I'd like to ask if there are MORE emulators that are based around ARM processors like DraStic [nintendo DS emulator] or if the "converted" ones are really all that ok.

    Been emulating since old GB times on windows 98 or earlier, and I remember well when things weren't optimized at ALL, and what a difference it did when it eventually was. This is why I'm asking and worrying about this. The Raspberry Pi will be my entry gate on those little boards, and eventually I'll certainly get new boards to be able to run newer systems [like Dolphin, running wii on stronger SBCs!]

    This is mostly out of curiosity, really. I'll eventually figure out the options when I have the thing in my hands, but any info can be super useful before I rip my hair out of anxiety for dumb things
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    RetroPie is a great emulator for your system.
    I advise flashing the pre-made image files to your microSD/SD card.

    You can download RetroPie for your Raspberry Pi by clicking here, but please do be aware that you will need to know the model of your Raspberry Pi and carefully follow the official installation guide.

    Kind regards,

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