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Thread: Any Mame emulators in iso files to burn?

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    Default Any Mame emulators in iso files to burn?

    Every emulator I see is seemingly only available or easy to access via FTP which i cant really set up. The only isos i can find are from over a decade ago. Im just looking for an easy to install package that i can put onto a dvd-r. Thank you.

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    There was an old emu set on DVD, Big Ass Emulator Disc (4 discs total iirc). Disc 3a is MAME, this is a really old set so it might be what you've already found.

    FTP is easy enough to setup.
    Just use an old 4 port switch (even any old router with a switch will do it doesn't need to be connected to the net) and 2x standard network cables. Dedicate an old laptop to handle transfers.
    All of that stuff you can scavenge from rubbish people throw away.

    Spoiler warning:

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