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Thread: PS2 BIOS dump

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    Question PS2 BIOS dump

    I have several ways that have been stated on how to dump the BIOS from the PS2 console. Some say the pS2dumper.eLF others say you have to have the Naplink, the McBoot, 7za.exe. It's like everybody's giving advice but not all the information. I got the USB FAT32 drive! But what are "all" the parts in the process?

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    Not sure if this was a bot or if they didn't care enough to bump their thread but I'll post this anyway in case someone stumbles into the thread from elsewhere:

    Have a way to launch elf files (ie. FreeMC Boot)

    Download PS2Ident

    Extract everything to a flash drive

    Run uLaunch

    Navigate to where you extracted the files, ie. Mass:\PS2ident, and run PS2Ident

    Wait a few moments and press start to dump your BIOS once the prompt appears on the bottom of the screen

    You'll be given a selection of devices to save the BIOS to, choose your flash drive

    Wait while the BIOS dump, it's a slow process

    Exit the program by pressing circle once the BIOS finish dumping

    Once you've done all that there should be a new folder on the root of your flash drive that contains that system's BIOS.
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