In my latest episode I discuss the games made in the joint venture between Atari and the CCW. I hadn't discovered these until just recently as I do not recall seeing a single commercial for these back in the day. Both my brother and me were older when they came out so my parents wouldn't have purchased any of these games for us. Regardless, I think it's too bad that they weren't more successful because if you've played any of them you can see that A LOT of work went into them. They were much more advanced in every aspect from other games from that time. It is too bad that the Grover game wasn't released, too as it was fun (still a kid in there somewhere).

Anyways, did any of you have these games back in the day? The kid's controller? Do any of you have it today and maybe let your kids and grandkids play it? I'd really like to hear about your own experiences with the kid's controller and the educational games. Thanks again for the views and feedback, as always. Please subscribe if you haven't already.