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Thread: PSP Audio Problem

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    Default PSP 6.60 Audio sync / audio latency Problem

    Hello Everyone

    I am prettt much noob on using psp cfw pro 6.60 c2. I am having high pitch / squeaky or chipmunk like audio when i turn on and run games on my psp 3000. I tried to play an mp3 file and the sound plays normal. No distortion or high pitch. It is not doing any high pitch sound.

    I tried to reboot my psp and it looks like the sound is somehow fast forward hence the high pitch. I tried to upgrade to 6.61 and downgrade to 6.35 but it looks like it did not work. I can play games no problem its just that high pitch chipmunk audio as if the sound was fast forward the audio pf the game when i am playing. I am currently testing jojo bizaar adventure and brave fencer musashi. The audio is way out of sync as the audio is faster than the graphics/game itself

    Do you have any suggestions? Anything helps.i think its something about audio latency but i dont see any options like that.

    I added some videos about this issue
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    Looked at your first youtube vid and the comment says you used psardumper. Why?

    You don't need 6.61, it was only a store update no games need it.
    Install either 6.60 PRO-C fix3 or 6.60 LME 2.3. The latter is recommended if you want to try the TEST Oblivion Beta dumps (including hacks) as you need the extra ram enabled.
    You don't need to use perma CFW, lite aka temp is fine and actually safer.

    For PSX on PSP stick to official PSOne Classic releases when possible.

    If you use a pre-made PSX2PSP conversion it may or may not have audio working properly, some old conversions used a bad PSX dump as a source so some audio is missing.
    Create a new conversion using PSX2PSP v1.4.2 if you need to.

    Also use CDDA Enabler v2 plugin, but this will not fix missing audio if the PSX2PSP conversion used a bad dump as a source.

    Spoiler warning:

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