Hello my brothers, I'm here to share with you something I'm gathering for everybody and I hope you accept what I have to offer, I ask for no thanks nor anything, I just want to spread this and not lose this, so it's up for us to keep this safe and to use it.

I'll share the PSP's DLC that I'm gathering for a while now and there is still much more to get, but I can't find them and I'll keep trying, so here it is.

I ask sorry if I can't share this, but it is a must matter.

My official thread is at gbatemp, if anyone wants to see the updates, I'm keeping that updated. Also if any of you wants to help you can do it, I just ask to test first and make a note o what is the content, then share it with me and I'll add that to the list and also make sure we will never lose it again.

Thanks for all brothers at Emuparadise, I'm sad about the site, but this is the only help I can offer and I hope you accept it and never lose it.