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Thread: The New EmuParadise Fallout: you are reviled

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadlegion View Post
    I did yesterday but couldn't be bothered glancing through a list of 500+ emails
    On a recentish account, only like a year or so old, they were dropping spam monthly saying "MEGA is missing you!". After like 6 months of those ignored messages they threw down:

    We notice that you haven’t used your MEGA account for quite some time. We would love to see you back!

    You currently have XX files taking up XX.XX GB in your MEGA account.

    MEGA is happy to offer generous free storage space to users that actively use MEGA. However, we reserve the right to delete your data if your account remains inactive for an extended amount of time.

    If you want to guarantee the preservation of data in an inactive MEGA account, you can upgrade to PRO.

    If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your account here.

    Please note that all your data on MEGA is encrypted with your password, which only you control. If you want to retain access to the data in your MEGA account, you either need your password, an active session or your Recovery Key.

    If you need any assistance or have any suggestions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

    Best regards,
    — Team MEGA
    *PSA* Wii Redump collector's can now unscrub ISO files. So scrubbed games can now be verified. You can find the program to do this here

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    Beer: Check
    Videogames: Check

    Commence Saturday Night!
    Spoiler warning:

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    Front dental crown broke off last night from eating an apple, and I'm pretty sure my real tooth underneath (what's left of it) broke off with it, though it doesn't hurt (all my top front teeth are crowned). ...That's nice...

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    I am the mayor now

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