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Thread: Getting back into emulation - Need advice

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    Default Getting back into emulation - Need advice

    I started using emulators back when Wiiflow originally came out. I still have the original setup, but I wanted to see if there are easier ways of emulating games onto a TV, mainly NES/SNES games. This will mostly be for my nephews who have been playing the heck out of it recently but, occasionally the games will freeze and having to restart the system and go through the process can be annoying.

    What sparked my recent interest was that I was browsing around and saw USB controllers that you could load emulators on, at least that's what it sounded like. I don't know what other devices are required but it sounded like it could be a better alternative to what I currently have.

    Any info or recommendations on making the emulating experience easier would be appreciate.

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    Easier NES/SNES emulation for kids? Well there are loads of emulation possibilities, but to make things easier maybe SNES mini hacked with dual boot?
    There is a limit to how many roms you can put on the minis though and dual boot is just like dual boot OS on a PC afaik, so you can't run games from both platforms at the same time.

    I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the HDD (or whatever) you're using on that Wii that is causing the freeze issues though. If it's just that then sort it out and keep using what you have.

    Spoiler warning:

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    Weird about the Wii, if you want a little nes/snes emulation machine it really is a good way to go. I have seen usb controllers with a few games on them like a dozen old atari type games on them like pac-man etc. I haven't seen any controllers that you can add emulators to, maybe they were part of a bigger system?

    As for a recommendation maybe something a little more funky like an Nvidia Shield could do the trick? As for possibilities like Deadlegion said there are loads of them. Everything from a Pi, or even a hacked mini or an original Xbox etc..

    If you can figure out what's going on with the Wii, just stick with that

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    Maybe you should get the latest version of every emulator. Older ones can be tricky sometimes. When they are working properly, the Wii is just a perfect machine to emulate Nes and SNES games (I own a Xbox, a Pi and so son and the Wii is great).

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