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Thread: How to Fix Wnaspi32.dll Not Found error

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    Default How to Fix Wnaspi32.dll Not Found error

    I love this player but I'm getting this error recently.

    I have also checked other threads but my issue didn't get resolved my following them

    I wanted to replace the default ePSXe missing WNASPI32.dll from here What do you think?

    Any tips would be appreciated.

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    I would stay away from dll download sites. They're not exactly approved. Usually this is symptimatic of a larger problem. It's better to reinstall the whole program that it's apart of. I would look up any info on a particular dll file too. Could be all you need is to update directx or .net framwork etc. You can also repair your copy of Windows (best bet probably) Think this file is used for a lot of media type stuff so could be related to burning programs or even your videocard and a bunch of other things too. Update your vidcard drivers too.

    If you do end up grabbing the dll from one of those sites I would use a good virus scanner afterward.
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