Hello! I'm Debujin, a fairly new YouTuber; I run a little channel called Gigas Breaker, which aims to cover what's going on in the fighting games genre. The channel's URL is http://www.gigas-breaker.tk - it's in it's infancy at the moment, but we have some juicy stuff like news, trailer reviews/analysis, match videos, etc. I aim to turn the channel into one of the big players (no pun intended!) on the Internet for fighting games - we're not exactly Shoryuken just yet, but it's early days and small steps.

I know our stats probably sound pitiful to the veteran 'Tubers out there, but we have got some interesting content on the channel, so please consider stopping by. If you were to make the extra leap and subscribe, that would be fabulous, and seriously appreciated. The more, the merrier!

So! Gigas-Breaker.TK - if you're a fighting games fan, please feel free to come on down and say hi!