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Thread: Thank you! + game music

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    Default Thank you! + game music

    Ok so I dunno if this is the right forum to post this (feel free to move it where it belongs?). I just wanted to thank the EP staff for all they did for us during all these years.

    I am one of those people that really enjoy videogame music and it is sad that so many game music compositions are lost to history, not only the games. To me, music is a very important component of each game (imagine a muted Tetris).

    Through EP I could complete my PC engine - Super CD collection which I believe has so many great compositions with that 90s feeling. Yeah, I am that crazy to play a game only to record its music

    Ok so that's it, thanks again to the staff and keep up the good work! These are dark times but game companies will never break us.

    pd. anybody recommend any good game soundtrack?

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    The last guardian, on PS4.

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