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Thread: Need a lil poke-help

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    Default Need a lil poke-help

    So I wanted to play some good old pokemon game, having grown up with the gen 1&2&3 I have played all games from Yellow to Emerald. I never touched any of the games past that.
    I heard that Pokemon X & Y have the most pokemons available to catch in all the games so I was interested in that. The thing is that I couldnt find any Rom on the site that are downloadable.

    So Id like a suggestion for another pokemon game OR perhaps a way to download Pokemon X&Y.

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    I'm afraid Emuparadise does not deal with 3DS games and it's not allowed to share them or link to them publicly as they are considered warez.

    As for your other question, feel free to post in the Suggestions thread so our forum members can recomend you other Pokemon games.!-quot-thread

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