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Thread: No more ISOs?

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    Well goddamn

    Thanks lads! For all the years I depended directly on you.

    I hope folks in a similar position as mine don't annoy y'all too much. It's only because EP was so excellent we became so dependant. I used to keep back ups. I used to keep back ups only because the rest of the emu community seemed to rely on folks who did. This situation right here was 100% my reasoning. I don't play and don't suspect anyone plays a full library on any console. There's probably a few hundred games I'm actually into, I'd be impressed if it was over a thousand. I kept full libraries because I very much felt like I was providing a service and I felt like it was reasonable for me to because I don't have any dumps to offer that would be of any worth to one needs another kazzo dump of zelda ya get me?

    I did that for years. I had nearly 6 TB of games on across multiple hard drives. So, ya know, not that impactful, not an extreme help in the bigger picture I don't think, but I was still someone providing roms to communities in the emu community as they popped up.

    Whenever I found EP, which has to have been ages ago, I feel like I've been here forever and a day now,I was very skeptical. I've seen so many sites that were so much less go down so much quicker I was just expecting EP with it's amazing library of games and goodies to be a flash in the pan. Y'all didn't go anywhere though. You just kept growing and I never heard any sign of trouble so eventually I relaxed....became dependant. Whenever I downloaded something new I didn't bother to transfer it because my hdds are rather old and slow and I figured you all are not going anywhere any time soon.

    At some point in this history Megaupload went down. A smarter man than I would have taken that as a sign to tighten back up and get ready for big guys in emu like EP and Zone to get axed. A smarter man than I....what I did was took it as a massive bother and didn't bother re-upping my files anywhere because I thought EP was dependable. So whenever I'd come across someone having a hard time I'd send them to EP. I didn't even bother talking about what I had because they could get the file or files faster from you guy then it'd take for me to up and them to download. Especially if I could get them to buy premium.

    I ended being just a leech and feeling like it was just a product of the new environment. Rom sites kept popping up, no one ever needed anything from me for years, and I felt like the only way I can provide anything to the community was to pick one of these big sites like EP and support them. Donations and that sort. EP was a natural fit with it's premium and I can tell you when I went premium is when the last of my concerns about rom sites being taken down also went away. Eventually I gave my harddrives to my older brother because he needed more storage for his home music studio. Fair dues, he does make money off his little studio and roms never made me the time it didn't feel so stupid, it felt like the right thing to do. Save my brother a couple bucks and some trouble.

    Now I find myself without the amazing website that took over the emulation scene, without the games I took pride in providing to the people, and without any means to go back to how things used to be.

    I'm frustrated,I feel dumb as hell because I damn knew better, and thinking about my own stupid short sightedness makes me even more frustrated.

    I think it's natural for quite a few folks to look to you guys for guidance. Most of these kids got onboard after youtube made emulation popular. They didn't see sites come and go since the early 2000s, and they did not get a DC for christmas in 99. All they did was listen to folks like myself and folks like you guys for a chance to experience what we grew up with. What do they know about a cdi vs gdi without us telling them? What do they know about roms and emulation without us telling them? They have my heart....I feel bad that I mislead them and I have nothing to provide them now.

    If you're honest the only thing they did wrong was their timing and listening to guys who have been apart of the emu scene for a long time. I misguided these young'uns and some of them, no one specifically here, are right to feel like they were abandoned. They me....I am sorry. I'm just a stupid fool.

    Thanks, and I'm sorry I let you down.

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    Question when the site will be back

    is there any confirmation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMightyToast View Post
    is there any confirmation?
    Spoiler warning:

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