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Thread: 3 questions regarding "Commodore 64 (GoodGB64 v3.00)" [RaspPi3]

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    Exclamation 3 questions regarding "Commodore 64 (GoodGB64 v3.00)" [RaspPi3]

    Hi @all,

    i have a three little questions regarding the collection "Commodore 64 (GoodGB64 v3.00)" ... if someone could answer me, it would be nice :>

    Inside the collection there are numbers in brackets after the game names for example:

    Blue Max (893).zip
    Blue Max (16285).zip
    Bruce Lee (1135).zip
    Bruce Lee (9805).zip

    1. If i want to get some game information(release date, genre, developer etc.) i have to use a online scraper...but with included numbers in brackets i never get these informations.

    => can i delete the numbers inside the brackets or what are the benefits of the figures?

    2. Unfortunately I don't know the C64 file-structure anymore (too many years ago) and there are several files per game.

    => Are these files all important / needed or can one assume that the games repeat with current release? (i want to have a adjusted database / collection without release dublicates)

    For example:

    File File-Content
    Bouldi Dash 01 (1025).zip BOULDI01.D64
    Bouldi Dash 02 (1026).zip BOULDI02.D64
    Bouldi Dash 03 (1027).zip BOULDI03.D64
    Bouldi Dash 04 (1028).zip ...
    Bouldi Dash 05 (1029).zip ...
    Bouldi Dash 06 (1030).zip ...
    Bouldi Dash 07 (1031).zip ...
    Bouldi Dash 08 (1032).zip ...
    Bouldi Dash 09 (1033).zip ...
    Bouldi Dash 10 (1034).zip ...

    Frogger (2953).zip FROGGEE.T64
    Frogger (2955).zip FROGGER1.T64
    Frogger .... Frogger2.T64
    Frogger (12717).zip FROGGER3.T64
    Frogger (16278).zip FROGGER4.T64
    Frogger (10296).zip FROGGER5.T64

    Blue Max (893).zip BLUEMAX1.T64
    Blue Max (16285).zip BLUEMAX2.T64
    Bruce Lee (1135).zip BRUCELEE.T64
    Bruce Lee (9805).zip BRUCEL-I.T64

    3. In C64 times you always had to reload the floppies... I think that makes the emulator automatic?

    => for starting the game with several files i have to use always the first file and the other files will be automatically reloaded through emulator?

    it would be nice if anyone could give me some useful informations for my 3 question.

    thx & regs

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    idk about your questions tbh, but not all C64 games are floppies. There are cassette tapes and carts too.
    The T64 files should be tape games iirc, D64 will be floppy disk games.

    You might want to look up some info on winvice wiki or whatever you might find the answers you're seeking.
    Spoiler warning:

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    Thank you for your reply, deadlegion!

    I have looked at WinVICE Wiki and unfortunately could not find the right answers / informations.

    But for my 2nd question I could find the following link:

    The "suffix-point" is now clear. But this is not clear: My games list is structured so that all files are currently in one directory (named C64). There are currently 794 files and therefore all games in one directory. I don't know-for example at Bouldi Dash 1-10-whether all files belong to a game or whether there are different releases of Bouldi Dash.

    Questions 1 and 3 are still open and I will try to find the needed informations...if anyone can help, it would be great!

    In addition I would like to say that I use the emulators on a RaspPi3.


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