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Thread: Problem downloading a rom

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    Default Problem downloading a rom

    Trying to download dark cloud 2, I'v tried 2 different rom's but it starts to download and gets to about 80% then said download paused, when I unpause it starts over. What is going on? I have a good phone and plenty of memory.

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    You're probably getting a wifi hiccup and it's stopping the download and can't continue. Downloading large files on a phone is never a good idea - however there are download managers for free for Android on the google app store that I've seen. Probably your best bet.

    In the end if you can - use a PC. I hope you're not going to emulate it on a phone, even with the best chances are it will run slow as snail, have multiple graphical errors or just plain not work. Beware of "fake" PS2 emulators for phones too!

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