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Thread: Tried to play PS1 games on my PS2 but how do i make them boot?

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    Default Tried to play PS1 games on my PS2 but how do i make them boot?

    I got a freemcboot memory card for my PS2 and tried playing games off an usb. It works with ps2 ISOs with some settings tinkering but not with PS1 VCDs. I looked up on the Internet that it should be the vcd format and the games pop up in opl manager. But i don't know why they don't appear in the same menu. Can anyone help me with figuring out what i need to do?

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    Ok so just a heads up I'm still working on this myself but I figure some odds and ends that can possibly blow your mind. Ok so your trying to turn your bin or cue file to a vcd format so you can play ps1 games on your ps2 correct? Well I'm not sure which one I'm using for it its either pops starter or pops loader. What I figured out you gotta find these 2 main files ones called PF5_WRAP.bin the other is POPS.PAK now usually you should get the PF5_WRAP.bin with the pops starter or pops loader file it self as for the POPS.PAK I Google searched it hard got lucky and found it. Now after you found those files put them in a folder on your usb the folder name must be called POPS. After you do that find a program on your pc should be called CUE2POPS hopfully you find the one I found where you just have to drag the cue file of your psx games into the file itself from there it will make your vcd file then once that's done. Put the vcd file in your POPS folder open up the pop starter or pop loader folder should see a file says pops.elf or.kelf take one of those and copy the name of the vcd you just made say for example marvel vs capcom here's how you need to put it XX.Marvel vs Capcom.elf then place that into your POPS folder boot up your ps2 goto u launch open POPS and click circle if all goes well should boot up don't worry about a mem card it virtual got one to boot in hope that helps you out

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