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Thread: WIIU Haxchi Help

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    Default WIIU Haxchi Help

    i am going to hack my wiiu with the haxchi method.
    i have already downloaded the ds game i am going to exploit and i am on firmware 5.5.2.
    i just need help with setting up the sd card,ihave the sd card formatted and ready to go.its just the file layout i am having issues with as some guides i have read seem to have different file structures.

    by the way my wiiu has not been hacked with an older exploit,this is the first time.

    what i want to know is do i need the following the file layout on my sd card


    and do i need to have a folder called homebrew launcher in one of the file folders as well.
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    I haven't got around to hacking mine yet. But I've a couple of guides bookmarked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fumanchu View Post

    and do i need to have a folder called homebrew launcher in one of the file folders as well.
    Homebrew Launcher should be sitting in wiiu>apps>homebrew launcher. Or at least that's where it landed after I followed this guide:

    In addition to "haxchi" and "wiiu" folders in your root, you'll want an "install" folder. Which is where you dump games into, to install them.
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