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Thread: Memory Card problems with Matrix Infinity v1.99 on PS2

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    Default Memory Card problems with Matrix Infinity v1.99 on PS2

    Hi guys,

    I went with triangle to the memory card menue.
    There is my save game from red faction displayed.

    But in the game its not possible to load my save settings.
    Theres always displayed that I have to insert my memory card first.

    Is there anybody who could help me?

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    (I forget, maybe I have a modpro or something....................the mod chips themselves, all of their modes don't work on all the different models...............(you could just cut the wires from the chip to the motherboard, if it doesn't receive power, it can't intercept the bios on board, that is the theory)...................)

    See if the Modchip plays a Official Ps1 game that is reported to play, or remove the chip, and change to "FMCB", (find a hdd image for usb drive or internal drive, it may come installed with the hdd-browser with fmcb installed, then, run "ulaunchelf" and install "fmcb" to your memory card.

    You can also swap, ps2 physical memory card ports after you open the case
    PS2 Tool Kit
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    You shouldn't need to remove the chip to use FMCB.

    Spoiler warning:

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