Hi guys a while back i got this asus laptop smart pretty fast once i removed ll the bloatware, there alot of stuf online about windows 10. So now it pretty much doing what i need performing as i need.

However i have this one remaining issue everything I log unto our wifi at home it basically hogs it all ie all other devices on the wifi start buffering. What strange is it dosnt matter if im dont even have a browser window open all i have to do it be connected, which leads me t believe there is a background program i missed when doing the whole metered connection thing.

I cant even log into my gmail, without my mates shouting at me because their iTv is buffering, on my old laptop i could do anything and it had no effect onn other people ( none noticeable )
Even when I am online, the browser is slow. There must be something i missed a program, maybe you can set a router to allocate bandwidth and vice versa ? i dont know?

Im pretty clueless when it comes to these things so ay response would be appreciated even if you think its basic and "im sure he tried that"