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Thread: Trouble with Emuparidise Roms and Dolphin Emulator on Android

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    Default Trouble with Emuparidise Roms and Dolphin Emulator on Android

    I have been using the Dolohin emulator in my Android LG G5 and for some reason only roms that I previously downloaded several weeks ago from the website work but the roms from emuparidise doesn't. Now none of the roms I download work only the ones I downloaded a while back do. I would extract the files using Easy Rar app but when I click on the game in the emulator it closes the whole app completely and never runs the game. Is there anything you can coach me on what I can do to get your games to work in my Dolphin emulator?

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    First of all rar apps aren't really all that good for Android. There's one called ZArchiver which I've used which seem to be better with 7zip files. In the end the best thing to do is unzip on a PC with 7zip itself and then transfer back.

    Secondly there's nothing wrong with the ISO's themselves, if there's a specific game that's causing trouble then post the EP link here. I've downloaded and tested tons of the games here.

    Thirdly, although Dolphin is making great strides on Android it's still Android. Don't expect everything to be 100% playable. It's possible by coincidence that you've run into some games that simply don't work well yet and crashes Dolphin. Dolphin on Android is in no way as stable as it is on a computer.

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    Awesome thank you for your quick response. I'm going to try to unzip them from my CPU and then put them on my phone.

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