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Thread: Hey, what? Why do these forums look so good!

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    Default Hey, what? Why do these forums look so good!

    These forums are hidden even on another domain, but they look way better then emuparadise. What gives? Is it some kind of MMBN3 Undernet joke? lol.

    In all honest though, this does make me curious if emuparadise redesigns have been discussed. This might sound shallow, but I'd actually pay for premium if I knew the site was still up to current design standards. It makes me think that the webmaster fully understands that UX is as important as product.

    Sorry, didn't mean to come in here and start nit-picing, but I am interested in what's going on with emuparadise as a website, and service. It's been my go to for years, and today I feel like learning more about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Copen-08 View Post
    if I knew the site was still up to current design standards
    Ick, current design standards = running a boatload of potentially questionable scripts. Not what I'd ever want when browsing into questionably legal sites. My measure of how good a site is, can I browse in and do whatever I like while leaving the site sciptblocked? EP works perfectly AFAIK. Facebook on the other hand does not work. So I trust EP more than Facebook, but I suppose my opinion is in the minority
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    EPs design is retro, just like the site =D

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