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Thread: Problems with ROMs in general

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    Default Problems with ROMs in general

    Hey Guys,

    im really new to the world of emulation so I need your help.

    My first week of emulation was awesome. But now I have some problems..

    Today I wanted to play Samurai Showdown for the NeoGeo.. but everytime I download a ROM for the NeoGeo it is displayed as an SNES ROM. Also with PS2 ISO.

    Please help me

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    Make Windows show you file extensions:

    Whatever file types those are (probably .bin files?), you simply already have them associated with SNES9X. You can change that, but it's best to open an emulator and use the emulators file browser to launch whatever you want to play.
    *PSA* Wii Redump collector's can now unscrub ISO files. So scrubbed games can now be verified. You can find the program to do this here

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