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Thread: Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness

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    Default Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness

    My ROM loads up normally and works fine, but the ground has like black boxes on it almost like the shadows are messing up, I don't know howName:  Capture.jpg
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Size:  94.0 KB to fix anyone know?

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    Don't use save states, you can end up with a corrupted save. This game does not like save states at all.
    Don't open the graphics menu in game, this can cause various problems. If you want to mess around with some settings assign some hotkeys for that.
    It is recommended to run this game using single core, well it was for years anyway.

    Make sure the game dump you're using is a good one by verifying it (md5 etc and then look it up on redump or whatever). Try using the US version of the game if you aren't already.
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