//Basic info

-Twitch: finalbossxd
-Twitch Partner in crime: Stage_7_ (corum)
-Date of Tourny: Sunday, June 3rd 2018 (3PM EST)
-Prize: $20 via paypal to tourny winner | $15 via paypal to viewer who wins the giveaway
-Concept Layout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y37N2ygXxAM&t=63s


There will be a mock ironman tournament to test how things will go for the main tournament I host anually (dubbed Ironman tournament). Me and Stage_7_ will be working on our own separate tournaments which will be broadcasted simultaneously. Participants will fight to earn a paypal earning of $20. Each respective tournament being held will have 8 single elimination preliminaries.. If you win a prelim tourny, then you get to fight in the finals, otherwise try again to make the top 4. The finals will be broadcasted on a single screen / double elimination tournament. Winner among the 8 final contestants will earn the $20 via paypal.

At the end of the stream, a lucky viewer will win $15 via paypal

//Sign up rules:

-Email me if you are interested. Do not pm me because I probably won't check back here much ([email protected])
-You will need to get on my discord server and post up your internet connection speed (ping included).
-US citizens only (unless you have gigabit connection speeds and dont' mind getting paid in us currency if you win)

//tourny info & regulations

-16 Single elimination (tournament mode): 8 will be streamed on my channel, while the other 8 will be streamed on Stage_7_'s | My channel will have a simulcast layout that will display both streams at once. My stream will have audio priority, if you want to hear Stage_7_'s stream, you must go to his channel.
-Finals will have 8 man double elimination (tournament mode). Single screen stream.
-No item usage during game matches