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Thread: Super Mario 64 Romhack problems

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    Default Super Mario 64 Romhack problems

    I'm trying to play Yoshi's Adventure 64 on Project 64. I've gotten to work on another emulator but I can't get the controller to work on it. It's really annoying, I have no understanding of what's going on at all because I have basically no technical knowledge, but idk, it's kind of like I guess I understand more than most people, by having tried to make crappy roms work and similar tasks many times, but that's all the knowledge I have. Anyway, it's giving me these error messages:

    Unknown Cic Chip
    Unhandled Cic Chip(-1) in first DMA

    and then like 30 seconds later it says:

    Unknown x86 opcode 66
    location 42311A7
    loc: 7C1402

    and then when I click ok it closes. I have no idea what any of this means, but I've tried googling for help a lot and I've tried a lot of things. The modified rom file is definitely the right type of file, a .z64 file. It seems there's not much information anywhere. I found an old thread on this site with someone having the same problem, but someone answered "that's not a problem," and then someone said something else that didn't help either, and then the thread was closed. can you plz help me???
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    Try setting default memory size from 4mb to 8mb Name:  zgSB7FC.png
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