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Thread: Questions About The Built In Emulators Of The X5 GBA Everdrive

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    Default Questions About The Built In Emulators Of The X5 GBA Everdrive

    Hi All...

    I was wondering if any of you who own a GBA Everdrive that was made by Krikzz could tell me what version of these following emulators are at and how they differ from the built in emulators that the Gearbest Incorporated Super Card SD used. My 4 Questions of the following being...

    Q1: The Goomba GB/GBC Emulator (The Super Card version was unable to fill in the black bar corners on a GBA either making them match the pallet of the regular Gameboy mode or a Game Boy color mode having a random color in its place. Does the GBA Everdrive fix this and if so what did it do to correct this?)

    Q2: The PocketNES Emulator (The Super Card version was unable to run the mappers that the N8 Everdrive folder contained of unplayable games mostly ones by Koei among others. Does the GBA Everdrive fix these unsupported mappers?)

    Q3: The PCEAdvance Emulator (The Super Card Version was unable to change to USA region being stuck on the Japan region and would only play Japanese games it also was unable to use Save States it which even worse struggled to run the sound of the games with having the MIX turned on or having the default PC Engine sound on whilst needed the TimerIRQ Disabled to run at 60FPS where available. Does the GBA Everdrive fix this unplayable region as well as the other issues it had?)

    Q4: The Doctor GG/SMS Emulator (The Super Card Version as with the above couldn't fix the proper 60FPS of any game, it needed to either have the mode changed to Hack and another mode turned off to run at proper speed and sound. Does the GBA Everdrive fix this too)

    If anyone can answer my 4 questions about the following it would be much appreciated as I am getting the GBA Everdrive in less than a few weeks on my birthday ^^
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