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Thread: N64 EMU and Conker’s BFD, HELP PLEASE [pi 3]

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    Default N64 EMU and Conker’s BFD, HELP PLEASE [pi 3]

    Hello all,
    I’m completely new to the scene and would appreciate any help y’all have to offer.

    I recently purchased a rasberry pi 3 with retropie the exact unit is on amazon, link below:

    It came preloaded with retropie and the various console EMUs. I downloaded Conker’s BFD from several different sources and they all had the same problems. Choppy gfx and sound plus a large black square artifact on the left side of the screen.

    Am I getting bad game downloads? Do I need a different N64 EMU? Or something else.

    Thanks again for any assistance!

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    Which N64 EMU are you using? I never used that device so I'm not sure how it works, but maybe you should try a different emulator. I played Conker's BFD using Project64 (on my PC, of course) and it worked fine. Well, except for a few minor graphic glitches.

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    Yeah the roms are fine it's just not the easiest to run. Pj64 2.0 should be fine to run it. I would google the exact settings for it with that emulator. Direct 3D clear mode is one of the settings that needs to be changed for that game iirc. Been a really long time since I've emulated that one though.

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