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Thread: Console Gaming over PC

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    Interesting to see other's points. As mentioned before I play both console and PC games. Though if consoles go all digital, I might stop with consoles. I also agree that games on PC these days are huge and take up a lot of HDD space, hence why I have a HDD for PC games. Also, it doesen't help with big games on PC if you have slow internet and it takes ages to download them.

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    I prefer console gaming. Console gaming typically delivers new game specific hardware in the form of peripherals. You could argue they're gimmicky, but it's the only thing keeping consoles from being a under powered P.C. Some examples I can think of are the VMU on the Dreamcast, the Wiimote for the Wii, and Steel Battalion mech controller for the Xbox. Eventually P.C gaming makes a usb cable to use these things on P.C, but it's always console developers who dream this stuff up first. Developers also build their games around game specific peripherals and implement them better on consoles. It's an after thought with P.C exclusive titles. I think the game design philosophy behind console hardware lends more to creating new peripherals because a console's core function is to play games. Most hardware for the console will revolve around this game-centric design philosophy and is specifically designed with it's software in mind.

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