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Thread: Final Fantasy Tactics issues....

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    Default Final Fantasy Tactics issues....

    Hey guys, So I'm playing FFT and I seem to have run into a pretty annoying issue. I beat this game years ago as a kid and wanted to relive the memories (You know, Nostalgia addictions can be deadly). I've been using cheats, and the one listed as "Inf move and attack (in battle) 1st position" has been giving me some issues. It worked for quite awhile up until now. I've always had it setup so Ramza would be the one affected, but now it seems to randomly give it out to whoever I have in my party for the duration of the battle. It's quite annoying and I have no idea as to wether or not I'm doing something wrong, or maybe i've been using the cheat too long? If that's even a thing? Hopefully someone else has had this issue before so they know how to fix it as I could honestly care less to playthrough the game legitimately lol. Any and ALL help is GREATLY appreciated!

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    Have you been using save states?
    Spoiler warning:

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