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Thread: New to Roms and retro Pi a question

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    Default New to Roms and retro Pi a question

    question.... I own the physical copy of dragon quest 1... bit I use a rom copy from that game to play on my mobile phone. Dragon quest has battery save feature when you talk to the king... it saves the data to the cart battery... you can also save the same way with my emulator on my phone... is there any way to use that same rom from my phone with the retropi and use the same saved data?

    I use nostalgia pro for my android... it saves my dragon as


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    Dragon Quest (localized as Dragon Warrior) If the game that you're playing has battery saves (.sav extension) then you can transfer those because those are actual saves that the game produces... grab ROM an sav file... might have change name of sav to name of ROM .... load ROM up in retropi then load sav if dont work rename your ROM/SAV the same
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