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Thread: Resolution Problem Raiden

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    Default Resolution Problem Raiden

    Hi Guys,

    i have some trouble with running Raiden 1,2, and DX in my FBA in Full Screen.
    First of all, i still use FBA 042. When i start to run the game everthing in
    windowed mode is fine. When i hit the fullscreen button my screen turned black
    and freeze. I have 2 Monitors on my Cab. 1 regular 4:3 Monitor at the backside
    for system management and stuff and one 4:3 CRT Screen in 3:4 Tate Mode for
    Gameing. Service Monitor 1020x 768 Gaming Screen 640 x 480. Gaming Monitor
    is priority Monitor.

    Any idea ?


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    I was about to suggest you ask on the FBA forum, but I see you've done that.

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    yeah i´ve already done it.
    I tried new ( sorry othe Emu ) but FBA is just the best, cause FBA´s Shadows are close
    to original. No more flickering sh.... So tomorrow i will try latest Version of FBA for ma vertical
    Gamesetup. The failur occurs randomly. Not special on one game. Today it was not possible to start
    Guwange ... so this has something to do with the vertical res / set

    Feedback inc

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