Hello, EP Users!
Recently, I bought a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector from my local game store. Sadly, I didn't knew how to enter a manual setup, but after all day of research, I thought this by myself, and it was true:

"The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector works just like a transmitor. It sends over data, that includes changes that were made in the settings. If I can change the DNS settings so it will connect with the Wiimmfi servers, the info will be sent to the connector, so ending up in the Nintendo DS."

So, that info was true. Anyway, this is what you will need:

The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, of course

A Nintendo DS

A flashcart

A Wiimmfi compatible game (I've choosen Mario Kart DS, a full list can be found here) https://wiimmfi.de/stat?m=2a

A laptop or computer with Windows XP or Windows Vista (No VM, the adapter has trouble with Windows 7 and above, especially x64 computers)

And maybe a second laptop or PC (OS doesn't matter), for patching & SD-Card stuff

A - Setup the software (XP or Vista)
1. Go to this site and download version 1.06_Final http://ms.nintendo-europe.com/softwa...p/en/index.htm
2. Unzip the *.zip file and go to the folder 'NintendoWiFiUSB106'
3. Insert the USB Connector, run the setup program and let it sit for a while (If the setup failed, make sure the USB is inserted properly and disable your anti-virus or firewall)

If done right, a small icon will appear every time you insert the USB!

B - Change your DNS settings
1. Click on your network icon on the bottom bar (If not there, go to the Control Panel, go to Network and select the network you're currently connected to)
2. Click on 'Properties'. A popup should appear that looks like this:
3. Search for 'Internet-protocol (TCP/IP)', and click on 'Properties'
4. Click on 'Manual' and type on the first DNS line '' (Leave the second line alone)
5. Click on 'OK' or 'Apply' and wait for every single popup to close

Now that's out of the way, let's go to the patching program!

C - Patch the game
1. Download the patching program https://github.com/AdmiralCurtiss/Wf...Patcher1.6.zip
2. Unzip all the files, and choose the *.NDS file you want to patch. Emuparadise has everything you need!
3. Drag the *.NDS file to 'WfcPatcher.exe' and let it sit for 10 seconds
4. You should now have a file that ends with '(NoSSL)'. Copy the file to your SD-Card, and put the cart back into your flashcart

We're almost there!

D - Connect to the internet
1. Load up the game you've choosen and find the Nintendo WFC settings
2. Choose 'Connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector'
3. Go back to your computer you've installed the software on. Double-click on the small icon on the bottom bar, press A on your DS, and your username should come up
4. Left-click on your name & press 'Allow permission for connection'
5. Follow the steps until the connection is complete
6. Go back to the menu, connect to Nintendo WFC, and if I'm correct, you are online!

... Except the servers are so empty it's impossible to connect, so check if 3-4 people are online before you continue, or ask friends to come online!

And there you have it! You are now back online on your Nintendo DS!

Q: It says it's unable to find the connector, even though it's in my USB port!
A: Close the software, take out the USB and try again. You may need to try this 2 times.

Q: I get error code 52003.
A: This means your firewall/anti-virus is blocking the connection. Turn them off.

Q: I get error code 20100. Isn't that the Service Discontinuation code?
A: Yup. If that happens, try part B and C again, and make sure your PC keeps on that DNS.

Q: The game doesn't work even if I patched & changed the DNS
A: That means the game isn't supported yet or is in a test phase. Check Wiimmfi for a full list of games.

I hope this helps some people, and if you want, here is my MKDS friend code!