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Thread: Saturn downloads with Rhea Pheobe

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    Default Saturn downloads with Rhea Pheobe

    Hi all,

    Has anyone had issues getting games to work on the Saturn with the Rhea/Pheobe unit?

    I've only been able to get maybe 6 games to work.. Unfortunately I cannot find any other dumps online as most full game pack links are not active. That I've found anyway....

    Hoping you can help me out and I hope to be able to help others out with console/game related issues!

    Thank you

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    you know which files are supported?:

    Supported image types:

    ISO (games with NO audio tracks and homebrew)
    IMPORTANT: Images based on CUE sheets are not supported.

    But most games on EP are Bin+Cue and won't work. So I download games and hope there are either CCD+IMG+SUB or MDS+MDF.
    Currently I'm ripping my collection to .CDi format with Discjuggler. These work the best for me.
    Mabye there's a possiblility to virtual mount the bin/cue files and them rips them with Discjuggler to Cdi?
    Anyone know how I can add my rips to the EP-database?

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