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Thread: Missing BIOS? MAMEU132 0.146 (May 21 2012) issue

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    Default Missing BIOS? MAMEU132 0.146 (May 21 2012) issue

    I haven't played on my MAME in close to 4 years or so and I wanted to play a couple of the roms I already had.

    My problem is now none of them are running and are missing files, the BIOS files I assume.

    Now I did get the one I mainly wanted to play again, Sunset Riders, but it still insists I'm missing the required files.

    I'm thinking I'm just missing something here or I should get a new MAME.

    Figure I'd ask here before I do, try to transfer all the ROMs to a new MAME, and then possibly run into the same issue.

    Thanks in advance

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    No bios in this game. Your should contain 11 files. If not, it's out of date.

    Also, you should always use the latest version of MAME. MAMEUI32 is available at .

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    Ah, ok. Must be out of date then. Thanks very much.

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