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Thread: what two things/invetions you hate the most?

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    Default what two things/invetions you hate the most?

    this was a assignment in oral comm, and this is mine

    1. Insects
    2. Counrty/Rap Music

    1. Honda Asimo
    2. Beepers

    what do you guys hate the most??

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    1. Inconsiderate people (can I say assholes?)
    2. Stupid people

    1. Stupid inventions like the Meyers Pliers.
    2. More stupid inventions like Pet Rock. Now we have USB Pet Rock (see #2 above)
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    1. People that are too lazy to read.
    2a. People that think that they are entitled to everything without any effort, also people that will blame anyone else but themselves when things go wrong.
    2b. Mobility scooter users that fly around at top speed, playing chicken with any and all in their way. Ok so you have some sort of mobility issue but that doesn't mean you should go all Mad Max on your scooter trying to wreak havoc on a world that has deprived you of said mobility.

    ^I guess everything I've mentioned above is covered by "stupid people" which Frog already mentioned.

    1. Fidget spinners. This isn't a solution for people that can't keep still for 2 seconds. A hammer to the fingers is.
    2. Retractable roller shoes. Maybe they have another name, whatever I don't care. Kids using these in shops etc annoy the hell out of me and it's potentially dangerous.
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