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Thread: odd download inf for 720 Degrees (German, rev 2)

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    Default odd download inf for 720 Degrees (German, rev 2),_rev_2)/10934

    hi, i was just copy/pasting the page links (#, A, B, C, etc.) in the M.A.M.E. download section to JDownloader (i was just curious what kind of stuff it'd go and grab is all. had no intention of trying to download any of it.) and came across this oddity in the # section. for some reason this shows up as a huge 720.00GB download in JDownloader. the direct download link even has "(720G)" in it as well: Download 720 Degrees (German, rev 2) (720g).

    any particular reason why this rom would come up with an incorrect size like that?

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    The page clearly lists the size as 728K. I think JDownloader is just picking up the wrong info since 720g is part of the name.

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