I noticed that the download for The Magic Candle is actually just the rip of the old floppy install/game disks; unless someone has an actual floppy drive or can emulate a floppy drive (can't just Dosbox it), they can't play the gamedata you have available.

Here's an upload of the actual installed content's game folder- with Dosbox you can open it like any other Abandonware game. There isn't any dataloss over this version, and yours; it's just the actual playable game folder, and not an archive of the install disk (which is still worth having so it is not lost to the anals of time!)
Magic Candle (1989)(Mindcraft).zip

Hopefully however The Magic Candle's download page is rearranged, ahh you can still keep using the beautiful page you have already here: https://www.emuparadise.me/Abandonwa...ndcraft)/94002
(cuz that page has my awesome game description and game pictures yaaaay) ^^ MUCH LOVE EMUPARADISE GODS~!