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    Default Emulators and isos

    Quick question did the site recently have an overhaul missed? Used to be I just downloaded an emulator then downloaded the iso or rom I needed then opened the emulator an selected my desired downloaded rom/iso.

    But now I had to register an account an there's mention of needing a scrubber or something then it has to go to a website for a check or something. Did i miss something? Was this for a security reason or did something get patching needing to make it more complicated or did I just misread stuff on forums??. Thanks in advance

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    Registration has been required to download forums shares for as long as I've been here.
    The only shares I know of that need some special software are Ragnar's which require par2 data to isn't anything really odd afaik usenet users have seen that for years.
    Yes the reason for Ragnar doing that is to hide the content. Nintendo in particular likes to go nuts and remove content, plenty of games have been removed on the main site because of copyright complaints but it also happens in the forums.!)
    Spoiler warning:

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