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Thread: Rom Sets how to unpack updates?

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    Default Rom Sets how to unpack updates?

    Hi all,

    I wonder if anyone can help,

    I recently downloaded the complete mame ROM pack from here now I unpack .144 from pack part 1 to 6 which is fine but I downloaded all the update packs from .144 to .195 which id like to thank the owner of the site for making them availible but what is the correct process for updating them?

    If i unpack for example .145 and copy the files into .144 folder it wants to replace files in there which I thought would be the correct way of doing it but I noticed it wants to replace files that are for example 240Kb with a 1Kb file so im presume it should be done another way?


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    Have a look at post 2 onwards in this thread. It's not exactly the same rom set, but I assume it's the same principle.

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