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Thread: Sega Saturn won´t detect CD-R discs or burned discs

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    Default Sega Saturn won´t detect CD-R discs or burned discs

    Hi, I bought a Sega Saturn and the console had the flaw that the audio an video cable had to be firmly pushed and tweak a little to show image. That is not the real problem.

    The Saturn reads the only original disc that came with, but it can not read burned audio cds, pressed audio discs are recognized and I can play the music but every time I put a burned disc the Saturn says "Drive empty" and here I already burned a backup to try the swap trick I guess it won't work right?

    I could notice that original discs are thinner than CD-R discs, and I saw how it actually scratched the surface of the disc, that's why I tried to lift a little the header or whatever its name is, the discs doesn't touch the surface but the Saturn still doesn't read the disc.

    Any advise?

    I decided to try other burned discs to see if the saturn at least try to read them and I can confirm the Sega Saturn is picky about cd-r brands. The princo and sony discs aren't recognized but the imation discs are. I burned a while ago some ps one discs with those brands. The saturn detects the track of the ps1 backups burned with imation discs.... that's something.

    I will buy some imation discs I hope that after that I can actually play some backups. There was no actual reason to buy a Sega Saturn but I got the chance to get one and I planned to buy one since I was 12 so I saved a lot of money but my brother took it, making me give up about buying a console very unpopular in my country. So I reacted out of nostalgia, and here I am with a Sega Saturn.

    The emulators SSF and Yabause does a good job but it annoyed me that these games were buggy: virtua fighter remix (glitchy fights with both emulators) Last Bronx special disc (enters an endless loop when the characters talk making that disc unplayable and it happens on both emulators and Black/Matrix both emulators freezes before the first battles begins. But uoyabause was able to make Black/Matrix playable, the voices are still glitchy and there are very annoying graphical garbage? during gameplay but the game actually plays. So in order to play those games the way they were meant I needed the real console.

    I plan to get the Rhea thingy, I gotta be really lucky to get one as they run out very fast. I need to be ready when my laser dies, and buying discs and replacing lens will end up being equally expensive.
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    You do have a modchip to play cd-r games? If you don't, it wont work. This isn't like the Sega CD or Dreamcast.

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