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Thread: Little problem with a few games (mostly Nintendo titles)

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    Default Little problem with a few games (mostly Nintendo titles)

    Hello people of this beautiful forum!
    I have encountered following problem:
    Searching up a game's name, or just a word that is in the game's title, won't show me the Emuparadise page, but only the "search for" box.

    This only happens witch Nintendo games, might I add.

    Now, if I would search for the game online, I would get to the Emuparadise page.

    If I would look up a Nintendo Title in the search bar, I would get the same result as before.
    I don't get why this is, so I thought you guys might know.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for any comments that might come!
    (If I have some grammar flaws, it's because I am german. My english is pretty good, but I sometimes tend to do some mistakes)

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    Welcome to Emuparadise

    I'm afraid those games are not available anymore, you can read more on this thread:!)

    Some of those games can still be found as part of No Intro collections posted here at the forums, under Upload Services.

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