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Thread: Best Video Game Ringtones

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    Default Best Video Game Ringtones

    Looking for ringers that are not obnoxious and fit for everyday usage.
    No snakes alert or straight up 1-1 ringtones
    I want something that's subtle and known to me and anyone who's played the game but suitable for an office

    Currently using for a ringtone now : captain road mine cart level. Very subtle but also Mario based
    Email received is Persona 4 level up chime
    Text is frogger jump

    What are you using gaf- again try to refrain the obnoxious stuff as I want to use it these in an office

    Thanks all

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    if you set your boss' ringtone to the Super Mario RPG Culext Battle Theme, heeeeck yeah~
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    Anything can be a ringtone really. I like like ringtones/alerts to at least have some sort of common thread. Like, pick everything some series, or why not chose piano covers of great videogame music? This here would make a fine ringtone IMO:
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